Veil of Dishonesty

“A servant who deals wisely will rule over a son who acts shamefully” Proverbs 17:2

Isn’t if funny how deep, wide and black the veil of dishonesty is. Most adults are anything but honest. If you doubt this, then you should spend some time around kids. When you do this, it becomes very evident just how dishonest adults actually are. We strive to make ourselves look good, while hiding behind our dishonest veils. But the truth is, this type of behavior is futile and silly. Dishonesty about ourselves and others only leads to shameful consequences. Consider this, if we are continually dishonest with ourselves never dealing with the true matter of our heart – always pretending to be religious while hiding all the selfishness, greed, lust, and anger that lurk beneath the surface – will we in fact ever grow up and become all God intends? I would argue that it would be impossible for us to lead any kind of purposeful life if we constantly are dishonest about who we are on the inside. While it is culturally acceptable to hide behind our dishonest black veils, God is not impressed. Only when we get very honest with ourselves can God pull back all the layers of religion and superficiality. The real snare of dishonesty is that it wraps a veil around us that is hard to penetrate. We no longer can tell the difference between the truth and a lie. And this is the blinding reality many of us live with every day. While none of us can control another person’s dishonesty, we can control ourselves. It is always a choice to live a veiled life – just as it is a choice to live in the unadulterated light of truth. Those who are wise (honest) will rule over those who are shameful (dishonest).

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