Jesus Standing at the Door

Heaven Opened

Recently I was at a corporate prayer service and during worship and prayer I got an impression of Jesus standing at the back door of the sanctuary. I have “seen” this kind of thing before, so I prayed for him to come in to the house. But he waited… and waited… and waited. He never came in! I asked and asked, I pleaded, but he would not come in. I believe God is working, after all, the Holy Spirit shows up Sunday after Sunday. So, he is working, but I think he is wanting to take the Church into a “fullness” of the Spirit.We must approach God in a way that is in agreement with his Spirit. The way we go about our worship or prayer can invite or detract from this agreement.

The main focus of the Church should be to pray and reach out to the lost. We must pray for a harvest, this is God’s heart. While God may be showing up every week, he wants much more. Have you ever thought ministry time was distracting. Let me clarify, when ministry time is about “us” instead of God, then we are settling for less than what God wants. The whole idea of ministry is to get help (receive ministry) or help someone (give ministry), but if this is not what God is wanting to do then we are missing him. What I am saying is if there is too much “us” and not enough of Him, then what is the point. We settle for the good by sacrificing God’s best.  We need to let go of what we need and focus only on Him. Does this mean getting rid of ministry time? No, of course not! But it does mean we need to be led by the Spirit and not assume we must do this. Consider this, what if God ministered to people directly with no need of another person? What if people fell on their face before the great and awesome God and he touched them. We rush to minister, but this could be because this is all we know. We rush to meet a need of our own or of another, but what if God did something different? Can’t the great I AM decide what is best? Instead of assuming we should seek Almighty God.

Many times what we find in church is people talking about what God is doing in their life. That’s fantastic, but maybe we should be humbly coming before God’s throne, not focusing on ourselves and what we think we need, but only on the heart of Jesus. Essentially the good things that are happening are robbing us of the great things God really wants to do. We are doing a lot of different things in the Church today, but are our thoughts and attitudes where they need to be – in agreement with God.

To be honest, I am scared to death. I am afraid that the God of the universe is standing at the door of his house and not coming in. I think to go higher we have to change – our hearts, minds, and emotions. The spiritual life always progresses in levels, and the Church is pushing up against a new level. To push through this new level, we need to change. What we do, how we do it, and above all our attitude toward the perfect and holy God.