Our view of the highest authority

In the 7th chapter of Amos, the prophet says,

“I was no prophet, nor a prophet’s son, but I was a herdsman and a dresser of sycamore figs. But the Lord took me from following the flock, and the Lord said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel.'” (vs.14-15)

Several places in this chapter, it uses the words Sovereign LORD or Adonay Yahweh. What does Adonay mean? It means master or owner! Adonay owns everything, including you and me. And how do you respond to the One who owns everything? How do you respond?

In Luke ch 20, the religious leaders challenged the authority of Jesus. In verse 2 they say, “Tell us by what authority you do these things, or who it is that gave you this authority.”

Now most of us would never admit that we ever question or challenge God’s authority. However, if the Holy Spirit commands us to action, and we do nothing, we are in rebellion and challenging the authority of God. The fact is if we have a low view of God, low view of his word and his authority, then there is good chance that we will disobey his commands. We live today in a Christian culture where people are very big and God is so very small. It is a great deception. When we follow people because they seem to be awesome, we run the risk of not following the One who is indeed awesome in power and might.

But just as a low view of God’s authority can cause disobedience, the opposite is also true. If we have a high view of God, his word and authority, then there is a high probability we will obey his commands.

Let me ask you, who has the authority to command you? Who has that kind of authority? Now, we all know the Sunday School answer, but knowing the answer and acting on it is not the same thing. If you want to know what someone believes, then look at their actions, not their words.

Matt 28:18 – Jesus says, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been give to me.” You see, He does not leave any room for doubt. If we believe the Bible, then He does have all authority. And if he has the authority, then can he not command you and I to go and do his will?

God said to Amos, Go, prophesy to my people. This was not a question. It was a command. And Amos did exactly as God said, and devastatingly so. Amos did the will of the One who sent him.

What about you? What has God commanded you? Notice I did not say, what has he asked you to do? When we hear the word, “Go!” from the highest authority, it is not optional, it is a command – a command from the One who owns you.

So the question is, what has God commanded you? And what on earth on you going to do about it?

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