Vision of Authority

On Friday, July 11, while I was driving to work, I saw a vision of Jesus. He was very large and bright. Jesus looked like the Sun, large, bright and golden. He had what looked like shoulder pads (or something like that) on his shoulders. I immediately knew this represented the government on his shoulders (Isaiah 9:6). Then, the Lord Jesus took off his “shoulder pads” and put them on my shoulders. However, I was a very small white indistinguishable person. He was so very large and I was so small. I was like an ant compared to him. So, when he took off his “should pads”, they shrank and descended down to fit on my shoulders, yet I noticed even though he took off the pads, they still remained on his shoulders. When all this happened, I saw what looked like a connection between the Lord’s shoulders and my shoulders, it looked like a big triangle upside down.

So what does it mean? Clearly what I am interpreting as shoulder pads is the government of the Kingdom. While the government and kingship rests with the Lord Jesus alone, he anoints and appoints authority to his children. When he does this, it remains pure as long as there is a divine connection with him because he is the only one with all authority. If that connection is broken, then we are no longer operating under or with his authority. The vision also shows how incredibly big God is. While I was white, representing the kingdom of light, I was small and not brilliant and glorious. The Lord was like the Sun, brilliant, glorious and gigantic. Even though I am small and seemingly insignificant, I carry the authority of Jesus. The government of the Kingdom rests on his children, but only because of God and his divine connection. This is incredibly hard to understand and grasp, and frightening! But God chooses the least to set up kingdom government. It is like John the Baptist. The least likely person to prepare the way for Christ and the least likely to be accepted by those in established authority. Yet, John was chosen to call people to repentance and prepare the way. I think God chooses the least likely because they are the least likely to thwart his will and disobey. They are the least likely to cater to the acceptance of man. Which means they are much more likely to accomplish the purposes God puts before them and purely pursue Christ.

God does not need kings in palaces or the influential people of culture. Most of the time he uses regular ordinary people. The reasons are stated above. We have fooled ourselves into thinking God needs our awesomeness and only truly moves through “great” ministries. Listen, for the most part, God is not even a part of that mess. It is a glorification of man. Many times when we think God is moving, it is nothing more than hype and marketing. You may wonder how I can say that – I say it not by personal revelation but by God’s authoritative word (Isaiah 42:8, 48:11) – God does NOT share his glory!

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