Everything we do is worship

I’ve been studying Daniel and Revelation, and thinking what is the point? There is a lot of mystery and richness in both books, but I have been struggling to understand why. In all honesty most people I know could care less about the deeper things of the Bible. While this is sad, it is still true. As I have been contemplating this scenario, I have received a lot of revelation through study. As I wondered about the details, I considered who would care and why bother, and then I was met with the most basic thought. I may ask why bother, but in my heart I am overjoyed by the details of study. So while many do not care about the divine revelation or are sidetracked by the importance of now, self, or pragmatic thinking, there still is the awesome, infinite God who gave divine revelation through the written word. I am consistently bothered by the fact that many people don’t understand much of the Bible. It hit me this week, the details matter, and not just to me. If all of the Bible is inspired, then all the details matter. Magnifying our apathetic culture that detests anything that requires work is unhelpful to say the least. God cares! He wrote every single word of the Bible. Every bit counts and matters to him. And of course that is the point. When I study, it is an act of worship. So really what people care about is very small compared to what God cares about. We are all given certain gifts and responsibilities in this life. And while certainly some are rewarded more than others, the fact is God is always there. He sees all the prayers, all the reading (or listening) of his Word. He sees all the study or time spent with family or friends talking about the Word. He is there when you buy a book (or several) about how to understand his Word better. All is an act of worship to the King. We are not guaranteed positive reinforcement in this life, but we are guaranteed a reward from God for a pure heart. The reward may not come now, but it will come. Even if no one ever cares about our life, God cares and sees all. I choose to worship the King, and that choice does cost. When you think people do not really care, while that may be sad and true, only One runs the universe. Only one throne is founded on righteousness and justice. Only One has compassion and care for you like no other. When it comes to God, we worship him alone, and leave the rest. The facts is anything other than worshiping God, putting him first, is idolatry.

When you start to understand the magnitude of the revelation in God’s word, it is astonishing, astounding, and the wonder of it never ends. All the while, it sits there waiting, waiting for us to uncover the greatest, most life changing book ever. You think you know it all, hardly, the life giving power of the Word never ends.

Here is the reality of life, the pagan wise men traveled close to 1000 miles to worship Jesus. The “religious” people who knew exactly where he would be born, would not travel 5! It is the same today.

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