Crescendo of Worship


A crescendo is a way for composers to indicate that the music should gradually increase in volume over time. While praying, I saw a crescendo in my mind’s eye. It looked like a big less than/greater than sign from a mathematics class. I believe the Holy Spirit was saying that worship in God’s presence is on a journey. As we continue to worship God with pure hearts, the presence of God will increase, like a crescendo, it will continually become greater and greater over time. And as it gets bigger and louder and more magnificent, we will think it will stop. But in fact it will continue to grow and grow to a deafening sound. But then, it will hit the end of the crescendo, its fullness. We will no longer have the capacity to hold it in its present state of glory. And at this moment, I saw two hands grab both ends of the crescendo lines (think of the greater than sign) and pull them in opposite directions. The crescendo is broken, shattered in a moment by the hands of God. But at this exact moment there is also a massive explosion of fire. This signifies the explosion of the presence of God to a level we cannot believe or understand. This massive explosion of God’s holy fire destroys all the previous molds and preconceived ideas of how God’s glory expands in the earth.

Get ready for the fullness of God’s presence and then get ready for something that is beyond what we can understand. All glory to God!

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